It has been brought to our attention that some misinformation was shared with you, our families of Lemon Groves School District. We apologize for the concern this raised, and we understand that correct information was provided to you from the original source.
We would like to take this opportunity to ensure you that Lemon Grove Learners, your students, are our number one priority. While some teachers have been notified of their recommendation for release during their two years of probation, those changes will not go into effect until the end of the school year. Additionally, we will maintain the same number of teachers and classes at all of our schools in the fall. No middle school programs are being eliminated for next year. In fact, new and exciting classes are planned for our Lemon Grove Middle School based on parent and student input. Our Governing Board believes that each child deserves the very best. We will continue to provide that to you in Lemon Grove School District